D I V O R C E and Selling Your House

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No matter how much we’d like, not all marriages end happily.  Even the best couples sometime grow apart, and when that happens, it may be necessary for each person to go their separate ways to pursue new interests and opportunities.

For many couples going through a divorce, their biggest joint asset is their home.  Deciding what to do about the marital residence is often a major issue in a divorce.  And when the decision is to sell, contracting a real estate agent, scheduling showings while the house is occupied, and other items such as paying for repairs and upkeep while the house remains on the market can become major issues.

Hard as it may seem, the decision regarding the home is one that should be made without emotions involved.  As a practical matter, take into consideration whether or not it is financially beneficial to keep the home.  If not and you decide to sell, TEAM SOCHA can help you quickly sell your home so that you can get on with your life.  We deal with divorce situations on a regular basis and for many, our company provides a relief in an easy and expeditious sale over trying to sell a home yourself which could take months or possibly years.

Divorce alone is unpleasant and challenging enough.  Contact TEAM SOCHA for a confidential, professional and prompt solution to selling a home during divorce.  310 357-1454

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